Fuel Wash Down Separators

"Separation secures manifest friendship" - Indian proverb.

In accordance with the Environment Agency guidelines a separator is required where there is a danger of contaminants such as oil, petrol or silt entering a drainage system.Separator test fit

The separator separates oils and silts from surface water, and retain it to stop environmental contamination, allowing it to be collected and taken away.

The type of system required depends on the type and level of risk of pollutants entering the drainage system.

There are different types of separator working to different capture or flow parameters, which will allow us to provide a solution for most applications. For instance, a workshop would require a full retention separator, whereas a car park could use a bypass separator due to possible flow rates that could occur.

We excavate and locate underground separators on a concrete base and connect, vent and install so that ongoing maintenance will be carried out from above. The area surrounding the unit is concrete back-filled and the surface finished as required.

A site survey will allow us to select the appropriate unit and optimum location to maximise effectiveness.

The captured contents will require regular collection and disposal – see Tanker Services section. Dig- kent