Planned Preventative Maintenance

"Meet the malady on its way." - Roman poet Persius (A.D.c 58) or "Prevention is better than cure"

Whilst it won’t be possible to avoid every drain emergency, it is possible to lessen the chances of something nasty or undesirable happening.

A comprehensive and well-planned preventative maintenance contract for your drainage systems can help you to protect your property and business from unnecessary damage and disruption, and help limit the costs associated with clearing up after a disaster.

TDS undertakes preventative maintenance work for many of the UK's leading corporations, facilities management companies, manufacturers, property developers, residential property managers, retail outlets and local authorities.

Plans can take into account; drain pipe runs - underground/high-level/stacks and their connections, gullies, gutters, downpipes, tanks, pumps and control panels, interceptor pits, foul pits, etc.

Old pipes

These will be followed through to the main drain connections. A full pre-maintenance site survey will be carried out to enable us to quote a fixed price for the schedule agreed with the client. We can arrange programmes for nights or weekends, where normal day work would be obtrusive or impossible.

  • Full pre-maintenance site survey of drains, gullies, fixtures etc. -
  • Detailed approved work schedule.
  • Flexibility to adapt to client's requirements.
  • Night/weekend working possible - to reduce disruption.