CCTV Surveys

"The flaw which is hidden is deemed greater than it is" - Marcus Aurelius

With our range of specialist equipment, including fixed head push-rod & motorised tilt/pan crawler cameras, we are able to carry out internal camera inspections of pipes from just 50mm diameter upwards, gullies, manholes and pits, up to water course culverts 2m wide.

Cctv drains

A copy of DVD footage is supplied, along with a comprehensive report detailing the condition of the drains, location of gullies, inverts & manholes, and any faults & remedial actions that may be required.

When a drainage fault or problem makes itself known or is suspected, but can’t be seen, we can carry out an internal survey. This allows us to see what & where the problem is and to give an accurate quote for remedial works. This is a better option than digging a hole, possibly deep, maybe in the right area along a long drain run, possibly under an expensive floor or above an expensive ceiling finish.

Why a CCTV inspection?

  • Pre & post construction inspections.
  • Pre & post clean records.
  • Assists in the cleaning of pipelines and culverts.
  • Investigating repeated or isolated blockages in drains and sewers, or other pipe work.
  • Locate problems in difficult or inaccessible areas.
  • Allows problems to be identified without costly trial dig ups.
  • Checking structural condition of pipe work.
  • Detecting scale or corrosion buildup in pipe work.
  • Trace hidden/buried gullies & chambers.
  • Create plans of existing drainage.
  • Determine the size & location of branches and connections when up-dating drawings.
  • Confirm damage or defects – full colour video images.
  • PDF report on DVD & via email.

CCTV can reveal

Fractured pipes/displaced joints & collapsed drains

Scm cracks

Movement in the ground, caused by building work, traffic etc. can put pressure on pipes. Untreated fractures/gaps will allow leaks into the surrounding substrate, washing it away & causing further damage.

Plant/Tree roots

Roots seek out moisture and will find their way through existing faults into the drains. Once the tree roots have entered the drain, other material will get caught in them, making blockages far more likely and frequent.


Bricks, rubble, concrete etc. can find their way into a run.